The Town of Indian Head

What is an Age Friendly Community?

  • An Age Friendly Community is one that provides support in a number of areas, such as housing , transportation, and social inclusion for all members of our community.

An Age Friendly Committee that will include representation for all ages is currently working to organize a steering voice to improve access for everyone. This committee should include daycares, schools, businesses, organizations, churches, and seniors . If you would like to be represented and have input on this, please call Gwen Johner at 306-695-2654.

We would like to think that our community is already inclusive for all ages, but we want to know what the gaps and strengths are.

Help us by filling out a questionnaire linked below. Homeowners will receive the paper questionnaire in their water bills, others will be distributed. Please click the link below for the online survey. If you do not receive one and are willing to help by filling one out, extras will be available at the town office .Based on the data from this questionnaire, areas that need to be looked at more closely will be dealt with. These may include our  infrastructure, schools, events or activities , health, employment or getting the word out in a much better way. Hopefully outcomes such as intergenerational events or programs will also happen.

We encourage you to complete the survey. Your input will be valuable for the future quality of life that we enjoy in Indian Head. Your participation is voluntary. Your comments most welcome. We hope to make our community inclusive and safe for all ages and abilities.

Thank you!

  • Please complete the survey before April 18th