The Town of Indian Head

The Town is responsible for the management of our roads and sidewalks. This service is essential to supporting a vibrant and healthy community by enabling easy access to residential properties, Town facilities and businesses throughout the year.


 For more information or to provide feedback about road maintenance and snow removal services contact us.


In-Town Road and Alley Maintenance

The Town grades all gravel roads and back lanes on an as-needed basis. Snow is removed from back lanes in the downtown business area, but not in other areas. If you need more information about snow removal on your street contact us.

Street Cleaning

Streets are swept each spring, with further cleaning as required.


Snow Removal

The Town of Indian Head prides itself on clearing all streets quickly and efficiently after a major snowfall. Main roads are the first priority, followed by institutional roads and then secondary streets. Homeowners are responsible for clearing a path if they require back lane access during the winter.

You Can Help with Snow Removal

Removing any vehicles from the street before the grader arrives assists the snow removal effort. Everyone appreciates your help.  Residents and businesses are also asked to clear snow & ice from sidewalks adjacent to their properties within 24 hours of a snowfall.  The Town will provide sand at no cost to assist with the job.  Sand can be picked up at the Town Public Works yard, 400 block Water Street.  In consideration to others please take only what you need for sidewalk purposes.


Provincial Highways

When you're traveling on Saskatchewan highways, or the back roads, it's a good idea to find out about road conditions before you head out. Saskatchewan Highways provides year-round information on highway conditions at Highway Hotline.